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Sweet flying fadoodles!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Just an awkward, sarcastic 16 year old ginger who's hobbies include: drawing, playing piano, and sleeping with punk rock music blasting in my ears. No better way to explain it. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. If you’re an ass, then I’ll still be nice. It's really not that difficult. Thanks for the extra page view, and have a nice day.

Here, have some stamps that describe me better than I can~

I love villains stamp by Queen-of-Ice-Heart STAMP: Dog Lover by zungzwang Too Lazy To Draw Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Stamp: Procrastinator Unite.. by Nawamane
Pepsi Addict by JaideStarr My favourite sport by prosaix Piano Stamp by JackdawStamps
Never Fit In Stamp by Mirz123 Nerdy Boyfriend stamp by missjesswinkwink Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume Always tired... by prosaix Sarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01 STAMP: Hoodie Addict by Mottenfest PROUD TO BE DEPRESSED11 by Dametora Nice to Me Stamp by Mirz123 Like it Loud by Midnight-Specks Fast Food Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I love Music Stamp by RikkuTenjouSs Rain Stamp by Zephyr-Stamp
Tea Stamp by Kawiku I love to cuddle by pjuk I love greyscale stamp by violetsteel
I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Stamp: Kindness is Never Wasted by Southrobin If They're Being a Jerk, Put Kindness to Work by Cynpai Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest Missing Someone Stamp by Mirz123 Alone Stamp by Mirz123 Worry So Much stamp by Mirz123 Run Away Stamp by Mirz123
Adventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo Stamp: Adventure Time by FlantsyFlan Adventure Time by FoxThunderbolt
I heart Keroro stamp by Fanboy-Goodies Stamp: Sgt. Frog - Marching by YukiMizuno Kururu Fan Stamp by CassedyDuel Keroro Fan Stamp by CassedyDuel
Homestuck Stamp by Sinderish Stamp: Gamzee by Shendijiro HS: John Egbert Stamp by Janbearpig victory by Janbearpig UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE by Dj--Vixxen HS: Eridan Ampora stamp by Janbearpig Mituna Captor by SkaianAngel
Invader Zim stamp by pantheon9000 ZIM Fan Stamp by kuro-stamps Invader Zim by Julesie Dib FFFFF Stamp by Metros2soul Invader Zim - Dance by winter-ame
Gravity Falls Stamp 2012 by ScittyKitty GF hug stamp by ParamourxLights Bill Cipher by Miss-Dicess Bill Cipher by Miss-Dicess
Stamp - The Slender Man by deaddoll00 jeff da killa stamp by x-nauts Laughing Jack Stamp by SnuffBomb
Markiplier Stamp~ by MeganeSnow Makr2 by Edge-0fHeaven Markiplier stamp 3.0 by MeganeSnow Mark by Edge-0fHeaven
Darkiplier-Stamp by HaleysComett Markiplier stamp 4.0 by MeganeSnow
Memphis May Fire Stamp by Flynnux A Day to Remember by hafoot Stamp: Man overboard by Ashley44598X Mayday Parade Stamp by Lemonesque
Pierce The Veil Stamp 2 by Catosmosis Simple Plan by chaifox Fall Out Boy Stamp by darkdissolution
All Time Low - Fan by winter-ame {Stamp} Ghost Town by unmei-no-tamashii -Sum 41- Stamp by ParamourxLights silverstein stamp by zeos-stamps Of Mice and Men Stamp by scellix
Death Cab For Cutie Stamp by IgnisAlatus My Chemical Romance Stamp by Flynnux Breaking Benjamin 2.0 by winter-ame Stamp: Crown the empire by Ashley44598X
Sleeping With Sirens Stamp [Gloss/Border] by darkdissolution I See Stars Stamp by darkdissolution
Figured I should go ahead and get this over with.
I'll just end up waiting till the last minute anyway.
I'm at school right now, by the way.
In Journalism, on block day.
Not to mention, I'm sick.
I hate it. I hate it so much.


1.) My stomach keeps growling.
2.) I have lunch next period, which is a good hour away.
3.) I'm gonna end up eating my hand off.
4.) Oh wait, no. I need this hand. Nevermind.
5.) I'm seriously hungry though.
6.) And insanely tired.
7.) That isn't a good combination.
8.) I didn't go to school yesterday, and I slept for most of the day.
9.) That screwed up my sleeping pattern, so now I can barely keep my eyes open.
10.) I can't deal, dude. I really can't.

Sgt. Major ButterNut's lame questions:

1) Would you rather give up all of your OC's to annoying little kid who'd totally ruin their personalities'n'stuff or give up your rl siblings?
~ Give up all my OC's. I'm sorry, but I love my real life siblings.

2) Would you rather have a photographic memory or be able to forget anything you want?
~ FORGET ANYTHING I WANTED! Seriously, that is something I desperately need.

3) Would you rather fight of a dog-sized cockroach or a horse-sized sewer rat?
~ Oh that's gross. Probably a sewer rat. Roaches are so nasty!

4) Would you rather run your tongue down a New York city sidewalk or press your tongue into a sick stranger's nostril?
~ Ewwww! Twinzie, what the hell? I'll get severely sick either way.  Probably the nostril. That won't last that long..

5) Would you rather use someone else's used "feminine products" just once ;P or sleep on the floor for a year?
~ Sleep on the freaking floor. I will make myself comfortable.

My Questions:

1.) Would you rather take a bath in tub full of roaches, or not shower for a full five years?

2.) Would you rather be haunted by the Slenderman, or be chased and kidnapped by a psychotic clown?

3.) Would you rather lose your whole family, or drink nothing but soiled milk for the rest of your life?

4.) Would you rather drown in the ocean, or explode in the middle of space?

5.) Would you rather have Jeff the Killer as your roommate, or watch as your pets are killed right in front of you?

I tag these two: Hiyukee and HaruKitsu
But, HaruKitsu. You need to do my last tag questions. There's one special question for you.
Okay, I'm about pass out from hunger and tiredness
I'm gonna go sit through the rest of this class.

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